With more than 20 years of audio visual experience, our team delivers exceptional experiences at every point in our client relationship, from project inception through design, deployment, service and support. We deliver high quality projects aiming to exceed our client’s expectations throughout dedication to excellence.

Technology by itself doesn’t deliver outcomes to our customers. It’s the functional concept, design, implementation and dedication to excellence that makes our solutions better.

Hive Solutions Team

Our Commitment

We combine excellence in practice with simplicity in approach. Our solutions and pricing models are designed to cater for today’s dynamics, either for entertainment at home or servicing your employees and customers at corporate or commercial environments. We offer seamless technologies that enable you to stay above the industry average, at efficient price-points

Our Difference

We understand that all technological devices are just tools to improve the human experience, and facilitate better communication. In today’s fast moving and constantly changing environments, we need to be able to evolve and adapt to meet the demand for new products and services and upgrade existing ones. Our difference is our simple approach with focus on functionality.

What our Customers Say

Hive Solutions exceeded our expectations with their Service.

AOS – Houston, TX

Reasonable prices and good customer service.

HTW – Spring, TX

Hive really understood our needs and built an effective solution.

M & T – The Woodlands, TX

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